4 Digital marketing strategies to consider post-covid

drive more traffic with digital marketing

A good digital marketing strategy can drive more traffic to your webpage.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted virtually every industry on the planet, and digital marketing is no exception. Businesses have had to shift to a predominantly online presence, depending on platforms like Zoom and Google Teams to conduct operations. This heavy reliance on technology means a digital strategy is more important than ever. In a post-pandemic world, a few key steps can help you stay competitive.

Go Completely Online

If you haven’t already done so, move most (if not all) of your business processes online. Whatever your brand, enable your customers to perform most tasks through your app or website. These could include:

  • E-commerce
    • If you are a retail business, make sure you have an online shopping capability for your customers.
    • Include the ability to track items
  • Automated emails
    • Keep clients informed of important announcements, updates, sales, blog posts, etc. with automated email communication
  • Customer Service Platforms
    • Your site should have more than one way for customers to reach you. Many sites now include a ChatBot, which is a software program that allows customers to receive assistance instantly via text. 
  • Online Scheduling
    • If applicable, include the option to schedule an appointment or make a reservation online.  

Use Facebook Ads

Social media use increased during lockdown. Not surprisingly, the return on interest for pay-per-click ads also increased significantly for many companies. If you are not using paid social as part of your marketing strategy, consider starting with Facebook Ads. Facebook ads are relatively inexpensive and come with the platform’s sophisticated targeting tools. 

If you are ready to try advertising on other platforms, remember to focus on one or two. You will break the bank trying to advertise on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter all at once! The most effective platforms will depend on your type of business. Your digital marketer can advise you how and where to start.

Reward Loyal Customers

If you have customers who stayed with you during the pandemic, they deserve a little thanks. Most of us had to tighten our belts in some way, cancelling subscriptions and services that were deemed “non-essential.” While you shouldn’t stop actively searching for new customers, you will want to reward your oldest and most loyal customers in some way. One way to do this is by identifying their specific needs and catering to them with freebies, discounts, or early access privileges. Customer loyalty should never be underestimated when it comes to driving new business. 

Revamp Your Content

Priorities have shifted during the pandemic. What was once important to your target audience may now be completely irrelevant. Try to update your content and communications in a way that acknowledges your customer’s needs and concerns in a post-pandemic world. This might involve a new webpage that cites your company’s policies for keeping the workplace clean and safe; or it may mean a shift in focus for your blog topics. Of course, you will want to stay as on-brand as possible with your new content. A drastic change in voice or tone could alienate some of your loyal followers. 

Serenity Digital is Here to Help

The world is seeing a gradual return to “normal,” but the pandemic has forever changed the way we conduct business. Creating and maintaining an online presence that is relevant to new priorities and values will be crucial in staying competitive and driving new business. Whether you are looking to revamp your current digital strategy, or are just getting started, Serenity Digital can help you. Contact our office for your free consultation. 

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