When it comes to marketing, the options can be daunting. There is no question that you need a dedicated marketing team to stay competitive in today’s plugged-in world. But how do you choose which agency is right for you? To start, there are three main categories you will want to research when determining the type of marketer you would like to work with:

  1. Local vs Outsourced Marketing
    Some agencies hire team members that are local to their region, while others outsource positions abroad.
  2. Small vs Large-Scale Agency
    Agencies may have teams of as little as two people or employ many hundreds of individuals
  3. Specialized vs Full-Service
    Some firms specialize in a few marketing tools, while others are a one-stop shop

benefits of going small, local, and full-service

While it is ultimately up to you to determine the marketing agency that best fits your company’s needs, we feel there are several benefits to the “go small or go home approach.” Especially if you are a business who is on the cusp of new growth, a smaller marketing agency that is local and is equipped with a full-service toolbox can be an ideal fit.

1. enhanced communication

A small firm has far fewer clients and can dedicate much more time to communicating with you about the status of your projects. Constant correspondence is crucial in establishing a relationship with our clients, learning their specific needs, and building trust. We don’t want you wondering what you are paying for-we want you to know exactly where you stand and what results you are getting!

Furthermore, a small agency with a full-service range of tools removes the complexities that can arise when specialists need to coordinate with one another. With a full-service agency, all matters from social media to copywriting to SEO are handled under one roof. No more “waiting for someone to get back to you.” Everything we need is right here. 

2. Better Value

Larger firms incur costs to pay overhead, salaries, and other expenses that smaller agencies do not have. As such, we can afford to offer you the same quality products at a significantly lower cost. 

3. Greater Efficiency

More employees does not necessarily mean greater efficiency, especially when much of the support is operating overseas in a completely different time zone. We find that a smaller, dedicated team that is local to your region results in a faster turn-around time. When a small team are operating on your timeframe, there is less room for human error, less likelihood of someone being left out of the loop, and less of a time gap between correspondence. 

4. No playing favorites

At a smaller agency, every brand can be prioritized equally. There is no cluttered client calendar resulting in inconveniences like rescheduled meetings, missed phone calls, or a shift in focus from your company to another. A smaller firm will be dedicated to your needs and ensure all tasks receive our full attention. 


Larger companies may employ a one-size-fits-all approach that can work in some instances but fails to boost the specific nuances of your brand. A smaller company has the ability to create a marketing strategy that is tailored to you. We work to build a relationship with you and truly understand your brand. We will offer the products and services we feel can help your specific needs-no more, and no less. 


Serenity Digital is a small marketing firm based out of Denver, Colorado. We are a full-service agency, with a complete set of digital tools to suit your needs. We understand that choosing a marketer can be a difficult task and it is important to find someone who is exactly right for you. We want to make sure we are a good fit, which is why our initial 30-minute consultations are always free. Give us a call today to see how we can help you grow your business.

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