Your Motivation to Write in 2023

It's a Great Time to Start Blogging for Your Business

The New Year is upon us, and it’s time to start creating goals of growth in your business. At Serenity Digital, our hope is that we not only help you to understand what needs to be done with your website you so can exceed your goals of grow, but to understand what is involved so you can take the reins and write a successful blog yourself. 

Today, we hope that we’re able to motivate you to pick up your pens and pencils, and tackle that first blog of the year and write something you’re proud of.

Why is it important to write a blog for my business?

It’s important for business owners to take time add content to their site. It’s your opportunity to share from your perspective what you know about your business. This is a way you can answer those every day questions you hear from your customers, and really pour some thought into answering those questions well. 

Ultimately, through content, you will show customers that come to your site what you know, where some other helpful resources online are, and you will start picking up new business from people across the internet that find you when they type queries into Google and Bing. 

If you’re looking for quick tips on what to blog about. 

We all know you are an expert in your field, but does Google? Are search engines able to view content on your website and will the AI be able to infer you know what you’re talking about, and have answers for the public?

What do you get asked on the daily, weekly, monthly conversations you have with your clients? The importance here is to answer the question, then add your twist. Is there data you have compiled through time that you can share? Do you have a different take on the subject? What about success you’ve seen? Share these takes after you’ve answered the question. 

How often should I post?

Consistency is the key to success. If you’re able to post new content to your site two times a month, and you’re able to add this to your busy schedule on an ongoing basis, then two times a month is a win. 

Where else should I share content?

Have more time? Find ways to share your blog post through other channels available to you.

GMB posts

Your Google your business listing has a place to share updates on the business, write an excerpt and answer one question through that space, and have it link back to your blog. 

Social Media

Take one little nugget of your blog and use that in a social channel you are active in. What a great place to post quick excerpts of your main content if you have a little bit of time. 

We have a few posts about which social media is important to keep up for your brand if you want to dive deeper into this category. 


Q&A forums out there are a great place to see what people are asking. You can search specific questions you may think are the best to answer, and find deeper questions people may be asking. Or, something I love searching for on a clients behalf, how are people searching for answers that may not be appropriate. 

What I mean by this, what questions are people asking that the questions themselves are incorrectly worded, or perhaps from a non-professionals point of view. 

If you think of this from a doctor patient point of view: do patients have the training to understand what organ they are talking about and the complexities of the treatment needed to fix their issues?

Of course not, some people will know and understand how to articulate what they need, however, the majority of your customers need you for your expertise and understanding of the subject. When blogging think of this when coming up with subject matter. Think of it from the clients perspective and ask the questions you believe they are asking, in the way they are asking them. 

Ultimately, why is content important for my site?

If you’re looking for motivation as to why adding content to your site is important, the goal is to have Google and Bing, and other search engines, send eyes to your site. After you build traffic to your site the next step is to build your brand.

If you have good content, answer questions, and are active, there is no reason your site shouldn’t build traffic through time. And that’s what SEO is all about: using written content and leveraging time, consistency, and pressure.

When people see that you are knowledgeable and willing to share your insights, they are more likely to trust you and do business with you.

We know you're busy

As a busy business owner, we understand that time is the most precious commodity. And ideally, you want to post new content every week, but who has time for that? We do! At Serenity Digital, our focus is you and your brand. From content writing, social media strategy, PPC, Geofencing, and more. We’ve got you covered, peace of mind marketing is what we strive for.

Drop us a line if you want to have a conversation. 

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