How Can You Repurpose Content?

Repurpose Content

Repurpose Content

Some weeks, a fresh post is just not in the cards. You’re stretched thin, don’t have any ideas, or just plain don’t want to. But you don’t want to drop the ball on your SEO, either, right? Is there anything you can do besides write another blog post that can help your site rank for certain keywords?

Why, certainly! One of the strategies you can employ is to repurpose your existing content. This works well for posts that aren’t generating as much traffic as you would like. Take a quality but lower-ranking post, and use information from it on other sites. It is also preferable to repurpose content that is evergreen. This just means content whose message or information will always remain relevant and correct. A question whose answer will remain the same. 

So, How Do You Repurpose Your Content? 

Turn a Post into a Video

Turn a blog post into a video or a short, or both! YouTube has around 2.7 billion monthly users. If you aren’t trying to get a piece of that pie already, you should be. Which blog should you turn into a video, though? You can gauge this by looking at already-published videos on the subject. If they’re getting good views, add your two cents and make your related blog post into a video.

If you don’t have time to make a high-quality video and edit it, we totally get it. Make a vertical video short with the key takeaways from your post instead. All you need is your phone. The shorts still attract over 1 billion users every month. 

Ideally, you would make a youtube video that you then further repurpose into several smaller shorts. 

Turn Blog Posts into a Twitter Thread

Take key points from your blog post and turn it into a twitter or Instagram thread. Make it very clear what the thread is about and offer the most helpful tidbit you can in as few words as possible. 

Make an Infographic

Use your post to make a visual representation of the most important parts. For example, if you are answering a question about which plants grow best at which times of year, use Canva or another creative platform to make a calendar that users can reference. If you are writing a recipe, make a recipe card that can be printed or downloaded. 

Infographics can also be used to promote your blog on social media. The good ones are attractive to look at and successfully represent a key point or finding. 

Use Your Post to Build Trust and Gain Authority

Answer a Question on Reddit  or Quora with a pared down version of your blog. Forum users may be notoriously prickly when it comes to advertising, but they still appreciate helpful information. If you can answer a subreddit or Quora query with information from one of your posts, do it! Give a long-story-short version and make sure your name and company information are in your profile. Don’t link to your site in the post, which is an act of self-promotion often condemned by Reddit and Quora users. 

If you have any content that is featured in Google’s People Also Ask section, that can be a great place to start for which questions to answer on Quora or Reddit. Likewise, if you have any featured snippets, offer a scaled down version of them on these forums. 

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