Author: Heather Kleinman

Zombie Pages

Zombie Pages

Zombie Pages   Let’s talk about zombie pages: what are they, and what do you do with them?   Zombie pages are pages with few or no views. They may be indexed or non-indexed by Google bots. They’re called zombie pages because they are essentially

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Repurpose Content

How Can You Repurpose Content?

Repurpose Content Some weeks, a fresh post is just not in the cards. You’re stretched thin, don’t have any ideas, or just plain don’t want to. But you don’t want to drop the ball on your SEO, either, right? Is there anything you can do

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Potemkin Village

Google Core Update

Moved My Website Ranking Down Now What?         Google periodically drops core updates. So what does this mean for you? Hopefully, these updates will do nothing to your rankings. If they do affect you … well you might want to work

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silver globe with google stats graph in background

How to Rank Higher on Google (3 Easy Steps)

This is the million-dollar question. Google itself doesn’t even have a definitive answer. They are constantly changing their algorithm (a mathematical code computers use to display the most relevant results), and it can become increasingly overwhelming trying to keep up.   It may be a useful

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