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Understanding Facebook’s Metaverse

Understanding Facebook’s Metaverse Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced at his Virtual and Augmented Reality Conference that he will be changing the company name to “Meta,” with a focus on developing something called the “Metaverse.” The concept is actually almost thirty years old. The term

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7 Common SEO Myths You Should Stop Worrying About

7 Common SEO Myths You Should Stop Worrying About There are literally hundreds of blogs covering the topic of SEO, many of which specify what NOT to do. These are quite helpful, since no one wants to be penalized by Google and rank lower because

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SEO Strategies to Avoid in 2021

SEO is an ever-changing field, with search engines like Google creating an average of 8 changes to its algorithm every single day. Strategies that were in place last year may now be ineffective or worse, actually hurt your SEO.  One example of how SEO can

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Best Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website in 2021

.While there is no quick-fix or “magic pill” to make you stand out, there are some tried-and-true techniques that you should implement if you want to a) drive more traffic to your site; and b) ensure that this traffic is an audience that will actually buy something from you.

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Tips for Running a Successful Business Promotion

Tips for running a successful business promotion Many small businesses might be apprehensive about offering goods or services at a discounted rate for fear of negative financial impact. When done correctly, however, running a promotion can be a great way to boost sales, drive new

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When it comes to marketing, the options can be daunting. There is no question that you need a dedicated marketing team to stay competitive in today’s plugged-in world. But how do you choose which agency is right for you? To start, there are three main

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Best Subtle Movie Product Placements

BEST SUBTLE MOVIE PRODUCT PLACEMENTS We’ve all heard of and experienced product placement on TV and in film. Sometimes it’s subtle, and other times it feels like someone is shouting at you with a bullhorn to go buy an Audi. In this respect, we find

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