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Google Core Update

Moved My Website Ranking Down Now What?         Google periodically drops core updates. So what does this mean for you? Hopefully, these updates will do nothing to your rankings. If they do affect you … well you might want to work

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google screened badge

Is the Google Screened Badge Worth It?

What is the google screened badge? When you search for certain businesses on Google, a select few appear at the top of the page bearing a little green check mark and the words “Google Screened.”  Google debuted this badge in September 2019 as a means

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man with glasses on laptop

How To Improve Your Site Architecture

What is Website Architecture? The architecture of a website is exactly what it sounds like: how it is built. More specifically, it is the ordered structure of the information on your site. The main goal of site architecture is to build content and pages in

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subscribe popup on tablet

Pop-Up Ads: Effective or Just Annoying?

Pop-Up Ads: Effective or Just Annoying? The notorious Pop-Up Ad made its first appearance in 1997 on a site called It was soon employed by thousands of sites, much to the chagrin of unsuspecting users. In its original iteration, pop-ups opened an ad in

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man looks at white wall with icons and outsourcing text

What Is Outsourced Marketing, and Should You Be Using It?

What is Outsourced Marketing, and Should You Be Using It? Outsourced marketing involves hiring an external agency (like us!) to manage your marketing strategies. Typically, this is a firm that is employed on a contract basis and is not directly affiliated with your business. There

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silver globe with google stats graph in background

How to Rank Higher on Google (3 Easy Steps)

This is the million-dollar question. Google itself doesn’t even have a definitive answer. They are constantly changing their algorithm (a mathematical code computers use to display the most relevant results), and it can become increasingly overwhelming trying to keep up.   It may be a useful

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