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Zombie Pages

Zombie Pages

Zombie Pages   Let’s talk about zombie pages: what are they, and what do you do with them?   Zombie pages are pages with few or no views. They may be indexed or non-indexed by Google bots. They’re called zombie pages because they are essentially

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How to Rank Higher on Google (3 Easy Steps)

This is the million-dollar question. Google itself doesn’t even have a definitive answer. They are constantly changing their algorithm (a mathematical code computers use to display the most relevant results), and it can become increasingly overwhelming trying to keep up.   It may be a useful

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What Are Backlinks and Why Are They Important?

What Are Backlinks and Why Are They Important? When it comes to content on your website, there are two kinds of links: internal and external. Internal links connect users to content within your site, while external links bring them to content on a different site. 

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What Is the Most Important Feature of a Website?

What is the Most Important Feature of a Website? This is obviously not a straightforward question…or is it? Assuming you have designed a great-looking, helpful, and easy-to-use website that has zero  mobile usability errors, no distracting ads, no security issues, and amazing content, there is

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7 Common SEO Myths You Should Stop Worrying About

7 Common SEO Myths You Should Stop Worrying About There are literally hundreds of blogs covering the topic of SEO, many of which specify what NOT to do. These are quite helpful, since no one wants to be penalized by Google and rank lower because

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SEO Strategies to Avoid in 2021

SEO is an ever-changing field, with search engines like Google creating an average of 8 changes to its algorithm every single day. Strategies that were in place last year may now be ineffective or worse, actually hurt your SEO.  One example of how SEO can

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Tips for Running a Successful Business Promotion

Tips for running a successful business promotion Many small businesses might be apprehensive about offering goods or services at a discounted rate for fear of negative financial impact. When done correctly, however, running a promotion can be a great way to boost sales, drive new

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4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Consider Post-COVID

4 Digital marketing strategies to consider post-covid The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted virtually every industry on the planet, and digital marketing is no exception. Businesses have had to shift to a predominantly online presence, depending on platforms like Zoom and Google Teams to conduct operations.

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