How To Manage Your Business Listing On Search Engines

There 2 types of listings on Google

Web Results

Local Results

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Web results are targeted towards show-casing your website

Local results are targeted towards your local business

Both are important! However, today we are going to focus on local results


We will look at how to claim your business 

and why it's important

The link above will lead you to Google Business Profile set up page.

Instead of walking you through step by step we will leave the tutorial to Google.

Why should I claim my business?

There are many reasons you should claim your business profile but I'm going to narrow it down to the top 3

Top 3 reasons to claim you business profile?

1. It's completely free!

2. You get to control your business image.

3. It will get you more customers ... if used correctly

#1 It's completely

Everyone loves free stuff! especially when you are starting a new business

To list yourself on most search engines other than Google it's usually free as well. 

#2 Control your image

Did you know that if you don't claim your business on Google, random user can make suggestions? Such as... your store hours or your phone number?

It's true!

If you don't claim business you are leaving it to the public to set it up! 

#3 Get more customers

Search engines are a great way to get the word out about your business

Google Business Profile is loaded with free features geared towards helping you get noticed!

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