Serenity Digital: Marketing, Targeting, and SEO

Helping you rank better on search through content marketing,
Serenity Digital an Omaha SEO agency.

We also want to build a relationship with YOU!

Serenity Digital: Marketing, Targeting, and SEO

Our Marketing, Targeting, and SEO Portfolio

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Creative Ideas & Custom Marketing Solutions

We pride ourselves on being out-of-the-box thinkers who can find unique solutions to support your business goals. Our campaigns are tailored to YOU, and no one else. We will never try to sell you something you don’t need or take your strategy in a direction you are not comfortable with. We will respect your vision and, of course, your budget.

Building Relationships

At Serenity Digital, we want to help you build a relationship with your customers. We also want to build a relationship with YOU, our client. This means honesty, communication, and conscientiousness. We maintain a smaller client list so that we are always available for a chat or cup of coffee to discuss your goals.



Rank higher in search results with optimized web vitals, carefully crafted content, and professional insights into your target audience. 

Paid Ads

We will help you manage your paid ads through Google and Facebook so you get the most qualified leads for your budget.


We have experience blogging on various topics, from recipes to the medical field. Our blogs are carefully researched, written, and optimized to build your brand’s authority. 

Enhanced Targeting/Geo-Fencing

We can help you market to your desired audience with sophisticated software. Filter by specifics like age, household income, location, and more.

Social Media

We can help you find better engagement and a larger following on your social media platform.

Site Analytics

Gain invaluable insights into your site’s health, traffic, loading speeds, bounce rates, conversion rates, and more.

Custom Web Design

Drive user engagement with stunning visuals and easy-to-use interfaces.

Email Targeting

Send your company’s next promotion to thousands of qualified leads in mere seconds with a sophisticated email targeting campaign.

Website Maintenance

Our attentiveness to your website will ensure your site is live and functioning at all times.


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Lindsay Reynolds

Content Director

Heather Kleinman

Heather Kleinman

SEO Director

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Catalina Williams

Website Developer

Carly Walker

E-E-A-T SEO Writer

Rishika Kikkuri

Full Stack Developer

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“The Best Marketing Doesn’t Feel Like Marketing”

Tom Fishburne

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